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What is a birth mandala?
Making birth mandalas is an incredible fascinating process. I start from the middle and under one’s hands the painting unfolds. Just as if it creates itself sometimes. The result is a mandala which perfectly matches the person it’s made for.

Birth mandalas are bound by numbers and their colors, so one has not really the freedom of choice. Hereby combinations occur of colors and forms which one would not chose normally. Funny thing is that the results are refreshing. Never thought I would experience a restriction as a freedom.
In my mandalas I incorporate at least one animal and one flower or a plant. In that way my mandalas are connected to nature and are brought to life. In choosing an animal I trust on my intuition, which I follow during the whole process.  Like choosing music I think goes with the person and which will inspire me in this process of creating.
For certain representations I search for a reference  e.g. a photo of a frog or an illustration of a flower (or one picked from the garden). Every mandala turns out to be surprisingly unique just like the person itself. I often call them a blueprint of one’s soul.
The mandala comes with a description based on numerology and the meaning of the used symbols. The mandala is given to the possessor of the specific numbers and I expect that the mandala will bring something positive.
A new chapter in life or just a good feeling, which you can get by looking at your mandala every day, but certainly always something positive
Like a small stone thrown in the water; the circles become bigger as they reach the shore, actually a natural mandala. Something small can have big effects and hopefully very good ones!