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I am Marian Severin.
I work in the air and live in Barendrecht, close to the wonderful town Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
I am painting mandalas for more than 20 years.

I shall try to describe what mandalas mean to me and how I paint them. 
It started when a very good friend of mine gave me a mandala as a present for my birthday. It was drawn by Beika Kruid, who really makes fabulous birth and other mandalas. I immediately became enthusiastic and wanted to try it for myself. From Beika I bought two course books and started the same week. I am convinced that receiving a mandala brings something positive and for me it was the incentive to make them myself. This opened a new path of positive experiences and contacts.
I bought good paper, a pair of compasses etc. and started. Soon I realized pencils were not my method. I still had a number of canvasses and my own acrylic paint. Soon I was fascinated by this way of painting and pleased with the results. I am happy I found my own style. which has evolved over the years. 

I hope you enjoy your visit and that it will inspire you. Feel free to mail me your comments and questions